Hello BooBoo
I loved reading Frazzle's Favourite Number. I really like the bit when he got muddy in the flowers and had dirt on his nose. Can you say hello on your letters page?
Thank you! 
Josh, 4

BooBoo Says:
Hello Josh - I loved that bit too. Frazzle looked like he needed a bath, didn't he!

Hello Frazzle,
You look wooftastic in your blue collar.
Gemma, 6
North London

Frazzle Says:
Why, thank you Gemma. I won't tell Mr Patou, though as he might get jealous :>)

Hello BooBoo
My favourite number is 5 because that's how old I am.
Mo, 5

BooBoo Says:
What a fine age that is, Mo. Thanks for getting in touch. 



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