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Hello ParkPup Pals!
Welcome to the Games Room at ParkPup HQ. Downstairs Bertie is making a map of Victoria Park. If you’ve read Frazzle’s Favourite Number, enter Mr Patou’s quiz to win a prize. Use the arrows to go up and down.       BooBoo :@)


Letter of the Month: ‘B’ ‘b’
Use the pictures in your Busy Book to write a sentence with as many 'B' words as you can. Email it to me and you could win my Star Letter prize. 


In my Busy Book this month there’s a story called ‘BooBoo and the Banana’, word searches and writing practice. Happy reading! 

Touch the picture that matches these words. Get them right and you’ll hear a drum roll.

  • Balloon
  • Bird
  • Banana
  • Bow
  • Bus
  • Boat
wordmatch-book wordmatch-balloon wordmatch-bottle wordmatch-bike wordmatch-bin wordmatch-bird wordmatch-bear wordmatch-banana wordmatch-bath wordmatch-bow wordmatch-bowl wordmatch-bell wordmatch-bus wordmatch-brush wordmatch-bush wordmatch-bag wordmatch-ball wordmatch-boat


Get a grown-up to help you use scissors and glue!

Email us your maps!
You could win a ParkPups book! 

Copy the shapes in your ParkPups' Busy Book to help you draw a map of your park. There are pictures to put on your map and don't forget to give your park a name. To enter the competition, get a grown-up to take a photo of your work on their phone and email it to me. 

Email me: Pups@ParkPups.com

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Frazzle Works It Out

If I have 10 flowers, give 3 to Zola and 1 to BooBoo, how many flower have I got left? Write in with the answer or set a brainteaser of your own.

I LOVE numbers! Can you answer the questions on my board?!

1. How many ice-creams are there?

2. How many red balloons are there?

3. How many balls with stars are there?

4. How many yellow flowers are there?

5. Are there enough balloons for all the ParkPups and Bertie to have one each?

6. If I take three balls and three flowers, how many things have I got?

7. If the wind blows five clouds away, how many are left?

8. If the green balloons burst, how many are left?

9. If BooBoo eats a lolly and I eat an ice-cream, how many are left?

10. How many objects are there on the whole page? 


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In my bit of the ParkPups' Busy Book there's a Match the Pairs game, I Spy Bingo and the answer to Find the ParkPups



The ParkPups are hiding in the flowers. If you touch the magnifying glass button below, the picture pops up much bigger. Can you see where we are? The picture and answers are in my bit of the ParkPups' Busy book. 


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What do you call a man wearing brown paper trousers?

Email your jokes to me and see them on the letters page. The star letter wins a mini hardback book too.


Get all the answers right and your entry form goes in a draw to win the prize!

1st of the month

5th of the month


Submit your form online or by email Pups@ParkPups.com