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“BooBoo is the best dog in the world” Katya aged 3 ½

The idea for PARKPUPS came about shortly after our Norfolk Terrier puppy became part of the family. We thought we’d be incredibly witty and call her Boudica with a wry nod to the Norfolk Warrior Queen. It became clear very quickly that Boudica wasn’t really the warring kind so she became BooBoo, a cheeky, loving, playful, little dog. During our frequent walks in Victoria Park in East London, young children in particular loved to say hello to BooBoo and she made lots of dog-friends too. It was during these walks in between script deadlines for EastEnders that I began to think about turning these delightful, daft dogs into a series of children’s stories. By bringing them to life in stories, pictures, games and songs at ParkPups.com we want to share the spirit of BooBoo and her friends with children everywhere. We hope you enjoy them as
much as Anna and I have loved working on them.

We want to say thank you to www.freesfx.co.uk whose sound files we have used in our audio books and songs. 

Find out more at www.studio49narbeth.co.uk

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